Hyderabad, July 2018. Photo: RK Photography

A talk about the diverse nature of the Indian drapes and fabrics by acclaimed Sari researcher and artist Nikaytaa.

Nikaytaa discusses the history of the Indian drapes, their utilitarian background and the science behind their form and function. The interactive seminar discusses the gender-neutral Sari as a garment of choice for womxn, mxn, and children. The intense session includes themes on colonisation, fluid gender, minimalism and sustainability.

Intended outcome

People leave the seminar well-informed about the history of the Sari and the impact of changing narratives on gender, livelihoods, and fashion.

Intended audience

Art, science, history, fashion, and handloom researchers and enthusiasts. Intersectional feminists, gender activists, fashion nerds, students, educational institutes.

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