I am a Sari Researcher by profession, an anthropologist by passion, a gardener by hobby, and a feminist by heart.


The Sari has always fascinated me and in 2017, I began researching the socio-cultural anthropological impact of the Sari. An art of self-expression, I incorporate diverse drapes in my regular wear be it for a formal gathering, an evening out or a workout.

I have discarded the petticoat (the imperative underskirt) from my wardrobe and with it the knowledge of the Sari as I have learnt from the society around me. The Sari is liberating, infinite, and fluid. I love experimenting with Sari weaves, silhouettes and drapes to create ingenious garments. Safety-pins and petticoats rarely feature in my Sari trousseau.

The Sari is a gender-neutral, sustainable, ethical garment that allows for radical self-expression and freedom. I aspire to revitalise and globalize the Sari. My aim is to make the Sari aspirational for the global generation. I believe the Sari liberates and unites. It is this ethos that I hope to share through The Indian Draping Co.

Sari Researcher & Founder
The Indian Draping Co.